About us

We realize that PR boils down to one fundamental quality; effective storytelling. A gifted storyteller causes and affects change.

From developing powerful stories for clients, to collaborating with the media, to placing our clients on Television, in radio shows, in newspapers or in magazines, we have successfully partnered our clients in numerous 360 communications campaigns. We are committed to offering specialized campaigns supported by adequate individual attention that a brand commands.

The best journalists, producers and entrepreneurs have an incredible gift to tell stories that are relatable, invoke emotion and demand attention – they are able to pull their audience into a place where they feel connected. In the world of PR, it is crucial to develop storytelling abilities – every aspect of what we do involves storytelling on some level, and it’s one of the most important skills for us to master for both ourselves and our clients. At Star Squared PR, we create and develop powerful, impactful client stories that resonate with the media and external audiences.