PR Impact Measurement

360 degree approach to PR Measurement

Measurement of PR campaigns is probably one of the most debated aspects of communication outcomes. The challenge of course in PR is the dynamic nature of the business. This aspect is very difficult to monitor as it can be influenced by various factors ranging from the type of journalists, the influencers, the type of media and the diversity of media by itself. All these factors are subjective as they are susceptible to change at any given instance.

However the key to arriving at a suitable solution is in identifying what works for each respective business. Simply Share of Voice alone may not work for all categories of clients and similarly AVE the most commonly used measurement tool will not work for many other brands.

Star Squared PR adopts a range of measurement tools basis its clients business and communication objectives. Our tools range from Online Monitoring, Share of Voice (SOV), Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE), Message Tonality, Message Sentiment and Number of Hits by type to segregation by type of media, etc to help business establishments monitor progress efficiently.

Campaign Elements