Our Qualities

Strong and resilient

Strong and resilient team

We believe people are our biggest asset. Special care is taken to continuously invest in and to motivate our teams towards success. A collaborative career building approach is in place to ensure that all Star Squared PR employees believe in the ethos of the company and its vision. This further ensures their undivided attention and commitment to partner with clients and to work towards their success in turn.

Quick turn
around time

Quick turn around time

Public Relations is representative of the Executive Communications of a company. By representing the image of the company to the external world and more importantly the media; flexibility, presence of mind and quick turnaround is critical. The teams are groomed to be available round the clock for emergencies and to respond to situations quickly.



We understand that clients entrust as with their mission critical functions and other sensitive data. We take this very seriously and handle all client activities with utmost care. Confidentiality is an underlying virtue among all Star Squared PR employees. More importantly taking responsibility and therefore being accountable for all our commitments is a given.

based solutions

Research based solutions

The world is constantly evolving and so are the markets as a result. It is critical to stay on top of trends while engaging with clients for their campaigns. Star Squared PR is committed to internal and external research, analysis and thereafter brainstorms to arrive at the best possible solutions for your brand. No idea big or small is shared with a client without sufficient insights from the industry.

PR Counsel that is
Trending and relevant

PR Counsel that is Trending and relevant

Our teams have rich industry experience across various media formats while straddling multiple verticals. As a result we are in a position to provide you the best in class solutions that factor in all possibilities that can impact a brand at a given point of time. International learning and local adaptation is the mantra today and Star Squared PR lives and breathes this philosophy in its day to day operations.

Experience in
core sectors

Experience in core sectors

Our account management and servicing experience spans diverse segments including Startups, Healthcare, Technology, Aviation, Education, CSR, Banking and Finance, etc. This has resulted in giving us an all-round exposure to the industry, thereby making us ably poised to understand the segment and to seamlessly provide 360 communication solutions to clients and partners.