Media Training

The Media segment is an evolving sector like any other industry. It is important for anyone who wishes to engage with them to better understand the nuances of media and journalism.

Also needless to state that this is a powerful medium that needs to be handled with care to avoid any contingencies. Hence the popular adage – The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

In reality Media engagements are unlike any other conversation you have in your routine life — you have no control over the outcome of how your words may be presented to the final audience. The media can interpret and contextualize anything you say basis their understanding. By taking time out to understand the basic principles of media engagement you will become more comfortable when engaging with the Fourth Estate. This will in turn ensure that you naturally become more relaxed, confident, convincing and more importantly help convey the right message for media stories.

The Media training sessions include a practical module on Do’s and Don’ts in media relations which are fundamental for any spokesperson. The sessions help most overcome their basic fears when it comes to media engagement in terms of right messaging, posturing, attitude, etc.


  • Developing messages for your company that resonate with the media
  • Develop media messages more quickly and easily
  • Understand body language techniques
  • Determine what media outlets are really looking for
  • Getting what you want into media stories
  • Reformatting your messages and answers in the exact format the media can use, like sound bites and quotes
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