Digital Media

The digital revolution has opened the flood gates for evolving digital marketing formats that are resulting in vertical specializations.

Terms such as Social Media Marketing, Digital Branding, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc have become the order of the day for marketers. Gone are the days when advertising in print newspapers or magazines were the only form of marketing communication. Set against this backdrop is the new range of tools that have emerged today to help marketers in the digital domain.

We are well equipped to counsel and support with any related campaign that straddles PR in modern day digital media. Our services include Social Media Marketing and Online Content Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is an extension of PR services where conversations online are monitored and influenced for possible results. This is a crucial and elaborate process that requires meticulous research and planning to achieve desired results.

Online Content Marketing is another must have in your marketing mix. In today’s world of cluttered communication, it is imperative for a brand to maintain and control a content powered profile in the digital arena. Content marketing is an extension of PR and needs to be planned and implemented strategically.

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