Crisis Management

PR is built on the premise of collaborating with influencers, which eventually results in goodwill over a period of time. Journalists play a crucial role as influencers in the media domain.

Hence it is believed that during the time of crisis faced by a particular brand, a journalist who was exposed to it will have an understanding of what an establishment represents in reality rather than focusing on the smaller issues, before he or she reports it. This will eventually ensure balanced reporting and thereby lesser damage in the event of a crisis.

Transparency, quick turn around and clarity of messages are key factors to be considered in PR communication during times of crisis. Time is of essence, considering the potential impact of online and social media. Any delay in communication can result in lasting and non-reversible consequences for the company, brand or individual. Journalists on their part work on strict deadlines before the paper goes into print or the news is aired on TV and special care must be taken to factor this into crisis management planning.

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