Campaign Planning and Implementation requires a meticulous approach, one that is unique yet contextual. Star Squared PR takes into account underlying factors that are at play for the success of a PR campaign. From Messaging, to Identifying the right Target Audiences, to Partnerships, to Spokespersons image, to Communication Technology, to New Media, to Frequency, to Thought Leadership and to finally Measurement – Star Squared PR believes that all these elements are a part of the essential communication matrix that Brands need to adopt.

  • Our approach is strategic and takes into account multiple factors that impact a brand.
  • Star Squared believes that every brand has various levels of influence and mapping this successfully gives you the answer to a brands desired communication mix.
  • Star Squared PR promotes communication solutions that lead you from Insights to Ideas to Influence!
  • And Communication Solutions will be tailored in each step of the process, pretty much like the two hemispheres of the brain reflecting Logic and Practicality on one half and Creativity and Intuition in the other.
Campaign Elements